Our Services

Healing Through Prayers

Prayers have the power to heal our soul and prepare it for the next battles of our life. That is the reason we offer a prayer for healing to our clients who come to us in search of happiness, peace and remedy.

At I Am Healing Hands, we offer different types of healing for several people who come with various types of issues in their life. All of them have their own story of suffering and pain. Nicky Tralongo tries to keep them calm and show them the right path through authentic spiritual healing techniques in Mount Gambier.

Psychic Healing

A psychic healer is also known as a spiritual healer. His main job is to assist people in various aspects of their life through psychic or spiritual awareness, which comes after psychic reading. Psychic healing is a vital part of this job where the expert offers healing to his clients by offering him or her remedies for the sorrows and pain.

It is believed that every human soul can be healed by the universal healing force. A psychic healer connects the seeker of healing to that universal force so that he or she can obtain the remedies easily. Sometimes the healing crystals are used for this job.

Vibrational Healing

This is another highly effective but very rear kind of healing process for the psychic readers. There are very few people who can actually make this happen and offer proper remedy through this. Nicky Tralongo is renowned for offering Vibrational healing in Mount Gambier.

In this process, vibrations are directed or introduced to a human body and mind to make them balanced and connected with the vast universe to receive strength and energy. This can be a great way to treat various illnesses which are mainly created because of such imbalances.

Healing with Hands

I Am Healing Hands provide service all over in Mount Gambier and he is popular for delivering effective results to all their clients. This is the exact place where you can seek help and expect suitable solutions to all your problems. The professional is certified and experienced in healing with hands. If you are suffering from some kind of body pains and is unable to overcome the ailment, visit him and let him heal you with his hands. The flow of energy is the major reason behind healing with the hands.

Healing with universal energy

Do you have any experience of healing with universal energy? If you want to witness the beauty then, visit I Am Healing Hands a spiritual healer and a reliable psychic reader. He has the experience of healing his clients with the touch that is passing on the positive energy and curing the sufferings. He knows that the present world is all about living a stressful life that limits the quality of life, therefore, he offers to heal with universal energy. This is one of the best mediums to heal a person as the professional uses the energy from the universe to cure your disease.

Distance Healing

Nicky knows that healing his clients with the energy is the most preferred way as he has been able to deliver amazing outcomes. Distance Healing is another service that he specialises and ensures that you will be cured. What you need to do is send a request to the expert and book an appointment for the session. You will receive a quick feedback from his end. We assure affordable and satisfying service that will change the course of your life. Get in touch with him for assistance!

Crystal Healing

We are aware of the natural healing potential of crystal and use it to offer you rapid and steady healing from stress. Come and experience the right use of healing crystals to achieve your targets in life. Crystals have the power to eliminate negative energies from your life and make it full of positive vibes. At the same time it can offer you healing from mental and physical stress.

At our place, we use various kinds of crystals to provide healing to our clients as per their requirements. For example, we use rose quartz for cultivate love, carnelian to improve your creativity, turquoise to get you healing and bloodstone to offer you energy.

Call us or send us an email with your requirements. Our executives will definitely reply to you and tell you what to do next.