• Prayer For Healing

    Professional and powerful healing hands for your recovery from pain and stress
  • Psychic Healing

    Heal your soul and mind to retrieve your positive energies in life.
  • Crystals Healing

    Know about healing crystals that can bring good luck in your life.
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I Am Healing Hands

Are you feeling stressed out right now? Does your soul some peace? Do you want to feel positive and calm in life? Are you looking for the healing of your pain and sorrow?

Come to the I Am Healing Hands in Mount Gambier to get the best spiritual healing you are seeking everywhere. Nicky Tralongo is a renowned spiritual healer who offers psychic healing to his clients who are suffering from stress, trauma or pain in life due to various reasons.

Our Services

Healing Through Prayers

Prayers have the power to heal our soul and prepare it for the next battles of our life. That is the reason we offer a prayer for healing to our clients who come to us in search of happiness, peace and remedy.
The Strength

Of Prayer

It is true that prayers have immense strength. It can do miracles in our life. If you do not believe, then please come and visit Nicky Tralongo once. He offers powerful prayers for healing in Mount Gambier so that you can achieve your desired level of mental peace and happiness in life.

With the power of his healing prayers, it becomes easy for everyone to deal with the odds and stay strong and composed even in the most hostile situations in life.

Biblical Healing
We offer Biblical healing so that you can find the right path to achieve peace and success in life.
Healing Crystals
Come and experience the right use of healing crystals to achieve your targets in life.
Distance Healing
If you cannot reach us personally, then try our free distance healing for your development.
Healing That

Makes You Strong

The main aim of these energy healing techniques is to make you feel better after having a tough time in life. Your soul can mind, body and soul can feel strong, comfortable and calm once you practice these spiritual healing prayers on a daily basis.